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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot

Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot.

You should say 
1) who this person is?
2)How do you know him/her?
3)What he/she likes to talk about?
4) and explain how you feel about this person?

Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot. You should say: - - - - Who this person is How do you know him/her What he/she likes to talk about And explain how you feel about this person.

 Well, I know many People but here I would like to talk about someone who enjoys chatting a lot.

Her name is Raman.

She is a friend of mine from school.

She is someone who finds joy in conversation she always has something to share, Whether it is a Comedy moment or an interesting fact.

She is a natural storyteller. She has a talent for keeping everyone engaged with her animated storytelling.Sometimes she forget to pause and listen, and always seems excited to share her thoughts.

She’s a big fan of Punjabi movies and TV dramas. She love discussing character, recommending her favourite films to everyone . Additionally, she love to talk about psychological facts.

I have mixed feelings about her chattiness. On the one side, I admire her passion and knowledge about various topics.However, there are times when I wish she should give others a chance to speak as well. But I appreciate her zest for life and her ability to make any discussion engaging.

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Sunday, March 24, 2024

Sunglasses Introductory questions for IELTS |Speaking part 1 |"Shaded Conversations: Exploring the Allure of Sunglasses in Everyday Life"


Sunglasses Introductory questions for IELTS |Speaking part 1

1. Do you like wearing sunglasses?

Definitely, I do like wearing sunglasses. It not only add stylish touch to my outfit but also protect my eyes from harmful UV rays.

2. When do you usually wear sunglasses?

Well, I often wear sunglasses when I go outdoors during the daytime, whether it’s for casual stroll, outdoor sports activities, or driving. They help me avoid squinting in bright sunlight and make my outdoor experience more convenient.

3. What kind of sunglasses do you prefer?

Well, I like sunglasses that offer both Style and functionality. I look for ones with UV protection to protect my eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Additionally, I prefer sunglasses with polarised lenses as they reduce glare and provide clearer vision.

4. Have you ever lost a pair of sunglasses?

Yes, unfortunately, I have lost a pair of sunglasses before. It was really sad because they were my favourite pair, But I have become more cautious since then and make sure to keep track of my sunglasses.

5. Do you think sunglasses are a fashion accessory?

Undoubtedly! Sunglasses can definitely increase one’s style and add fashionable touch to any outfit. They come in various shapes, colours and designs, allowing people to express their sense of Style and personality.

6. How important do you think it is to protect your eyes from the sun?

It’s extremely essential to shield our eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation can lead to serious eye problems. Wearing sunglasses with UV protection is a simple yet effective way to Safeguard our eyes and maintain good eye health.

7. Do you think people wear sunglasses more for fashion or for practical reasons?

In my perception, it’s a combination of both. While some people primarily wear sunglasses for fashion purposes to complement their look, Others wear them, mainly for practical reasons like protecting their eyes from the UV radiation of the sun. However, regardless of the primary reason, Most sunglasses today are designed to offer both functionality and style.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017


Describe your favourite item of clothing.

You should say:
    What it is
    When you bought it
    Why you bought it

For somebody like me, who loves clothes, it’s hard to decide which is my favourite piece of clothing. However, I do have one piece of clothing that I love and is my favourite.

I am going to describe a shirt that i often wear at the moment .The shirt is purple in colour which is my favourate colour.

I bought it when i was coming back from  delhi after spending my summer vacations at my maternal aunt's home.

i purchased it for my daily routine wearing also i want to add some more things to my wardrobe.
It is a purple craghoppers’ long-sleeved shirt. It is made of a quick-drying poly cotton blend and the fabric has some stretchy qualities which make it easy to wear. The fabric keeps out the sun, and the design incorporates a couple of pockets, one of which has a zip so you can keep small items securely on your person.

 It is designed as a travel shirt, and to be honest, was rather expensive compared to clothes I would normally buy.
I LOVE this shirt. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, the colour suits me quite well, and even though it is designed as a travel shirt, it’s actually smart enough to wear for work if you match it with some respectable trousers .It washes brilliantly, and if you shake it out and put it on a hanger it dries crease-free within an hour or so. The hidden pocket is handy for carrying emergency cash on your person, and I like to have a hanky with me too – there is a pocket for that as well. Because the shirt is so comfy, and much harder wearing than I expected, I wore it almost all the time on my travels. This means that the shirt is now linked to very many happy memories of places .
Now it becomes my favourite item in my cupboard.
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Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot

Describe a person you know who likes to talk a lot. You should say  1) who this person is? 2)How do you know him/her? 3)What he/she likes to...