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Hometown Speaking part 1

1. What is the name of your hometown?
    Sample Answer: I belong to Ludhiana which is on the South Bank of the Satluj river. 
2. Is it a big city or a small place?
    Sample Answer: It is the most populous and fast-growing metropolitan city of Punjab.
3. Please describe your hometown a little?
    Sample Answer: It is a really admirable city where you can find everything you are looking for. Ludhiana tops the chart on the Education field, shopping, entertainment, business, and social culture.
It is North India's largest industrial hub.
4. How long have you been living here?
    Sample Answer: I have been living here since my birth.
5. Do you like your hometown?
    Sample Answer: Of course, I love my hometown.
6. Do you like living here? ( learning989 )
    Sample Answer: Certainly! I enjoy living here.
7. Would you say it's an interesting place?
    Sample Answer: It's an adorable region and I am not saying it just like that.
8. Is there anything you dislike about it?
    Sample Answer: Yup, there is one thing that I have a concern with and that thing is pollution. As it is an industrial area so there is a lot of pollution
9. Do you think you will continue living here for a long time?
    Sample Answer: Indeed! I have my whole family living here and I wish to reside here for a long time.
10. Are there any tourist attractions in your hometown?
      Sample Answer: Yes! There are tourist attractions such as Rara Sahib Gurudwara, Lodhi fort, Rakh bagh park, Punjab heritage rural museum, Pavillon mall and so on.
11. Did your friend also grow up in the same place as you? (learn grammar for IELTS)
      Sample Answer: Yes most of my friends grew up in the same area.
12. Would you like to live here in the future? (speaking part 1)
       Sample Answer: Certainly! I would enjoy living here in the future as well.
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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Verbs for laughing (synonyms)

express joy by making a sound (Ha-Ha)
He is laughing on this matter.
Laugh into cramps(Laughed)
Laugh a lot
He laughed into cramps when he saw his naked picture of childhood for the first time.
Giggle (giggled)
laugh quietly and repeatedly because you are nervous or embarrassed.
Do not giggle ,it does not sound good
Grin (grinned)
Laugh with smile.
She is grinning sitting there
Utter a guffaw (uttered)
laugh noisily.
He uttered a guffaw like Ravana.
Chuckle (chucked)
laugh quietly, because you are thinking about something funny.
She is chuckling to herself.
Simper (simpered)
Fake laugh
He usually simpers
Make laugh (made)
Entertain someone
He made us laugh during the whole journey
Please (pleased)
In order to please my parents ,I obey them always
Smile (smiled)
A happy or friendly expression on a face
He always smile and spread happiness.
Snigger (sniggered)
Laugh quietly
When he saw his teacher entering the class room he could only snigger.
Play prank (played)
Making  fool by act something
We play prank with our friends.
Cut or Crack a joke (cut) (cracked)
Something funny you have said that make someone laugh
He made us laugh by cutting a fresh joke.
Laugh at someone(laughed)
Make fun of somebody
Don’t laugh at the poor.
Have fun (Had)
To enjoy oneself
We had a lot of fun on the trip.
Make merry (Made)
Enjoy oneself with others by dancing and drinking.
Children make merry in groups.
Have a hearty laugh (Had)
In a cheerful way
We had a hearty laugh after listening to his funny experience.
Burst into laughter (Burst)
Laugh all of a sudden
When I fell down with a thud, he burst into laughter.
Laugh away (laughed )
To dismiss by laughter
Do not laugh me away, take me seriously.
Howl with laughter (Howled)
When a group started laughing with energy
He got a sudden tight slap from his teacher which made us howl with laughter.
Jeer (jeered)
Laugh at someone to insult
Some boys from the audience were jeering at the singer.
Treat as joke (Treated)
Don’t take something seriously
He is treating it as a joke but it is not a fun at all.
Joke /kid (joked) (kidded)
Act in a funny way
I am not kidding.
Be highly elated
Happy from heart
He is highly elated to know the news of his brother’s marriage.


A remote place that you would like to visit

A remote place that you would like to visit

you should say about which place is this, its location and way of transportation 

  • India is a land of beauty and distinct culture.
  • I wanna explore all its beauty by visiting each and every place of it.
  • But at first I would visit a place "Jaisalmer" which is a remote area of Rajasthan.
  • This place is  also known as 'Golden city'. (learngrammarforielts , learning989 )
  • It is situated close to the Pakistan border and considered as a major tourist spot located particularly in the northwestern state of Rajasthan in India.
  • I would like to go there by train.Then after that I would climb on to the camel saddle and make my way through the desert.That would be an unforgettable experience for me.
  • This beautiful place also has a lake and temples, all made of sandstone.
  • Moreover, it is also famous for its traditional art and craft work.I particularly admire  their Rice painting art.They can paint anything at one grain of rice.
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