My books

My Books

Hello Guys! welcome to this page. Here I am going to represent my books that I have written for my followers. These books are really beneficial for the beginners. My first book is on "Tenses". The name of the book is "All about tenses". You can search this book on Amazon. All books are available in both formats "e-book" and "paperback". I recommend you this book if you are just beginning learning English language as everything in this book is provided in systematic and easy way. If you already read this book then let us know by reviewing this book on Amazon. Here is a link for this book. "All about tenses". I know e-book (kindle) format may be unavailable for some countries. But no need to worry! message us we will provide you that e-book by another link.
All about tenses
All about tenses
After learning tenses, you may want to learn "Voice". So here is my second book for you. The name of this book is " All about voice". Here I would say knowledge of tenses is necessary to learn "Voice". These two things are the basic building blocks to make your learning better. Grammar covers 25%  of your total IELTS score in case of "Writing and Speaking". Before starting learning these modules, you should clarify your all necessary grammar concepts. The link of this book is here "All about voice". Again if you have already read this book then let us know by commenting or reviewing. You can follow us on "Goodreads"  so that you can know about more upcoming books and free distribution offers.
All about voice
All about Voice
My next book is combination of my both above books "All about tenses and Voice". It's name is " Tenses and Active passive Voice". The link of the book is here. "Tenses and Active passive Voice"
Tenses and Active passive Voice
Tenses and Active passive voice
My next book is on IELTS vocabulary. This book was most demanding by my followers. Although this book is not completed yet, I uploaded its first part on Amazon. Name of  this book is "Learn vocabulary for IELTS". This book contains required vocabulary for all the modules ( Writing, Listening, Speaking, Reading). I will try to upload its second part soon. Again as vocabulary covers 25% part of your total IELTS score. So this book will help you to cover this part. The link of this book is here "Learn vocabulary for IELTS"

Learn vocabulary for IELTS
Learn vocabulary for IELTS
My next book is coloring book to relief stress and tension. The link of the book is here " Coloring book"
coloring book
Coloring book

So these were my few books for you. Don't forget to like our Facebook page to stay up to date with us. Here is our Facebook page link
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