Thursday, September 16, 2021

Describe a street market in your city

 Describe a street market in your city

what can you buy there 

 what is it famous for?

how you feel about it 

well, importance of street market is decreasing due to entry of shopping malls and supermarkets

but sometimes we need to visit them to buy some specific thing at affordable (reasonable) prices.

here, I would like to talk about a street market which is located at Gandhi Road and known as a books market.

We can purchase books form bookshops and road vendors there.

I visited this place when I was in the college and also I wanted to buy some books at very low price.

there are more than 40 bookshops that sell books.

I visit this place at least twice a year or whenever I am looking for a reference book which is unavailable in my area's bookshop.

Generally my best friend accompanied me.

Although there's huge traffic and parking space problem, my overall shopping experience was amazing.

so guys, I hope you like this cue card sample answer.

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Describe a street market in your city

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