Saturday, March 2, 2019

Intelligent People

Follow up questions: ( Intelligent people )

  • Are most intelligent people happy?why?
Thankyou For the question.Well, the meaning of happiness is different individual.Mostly, intelligent people may be find happiness in finding their life goals. Some may feel happy by helping others. So it is difficult to generalise. It just rely upon person to person.
  • Do you think intelligent people are selfish?
Well, it is not necessary, it depends upon each person’s behaviour. I know plethora intelligent people who are extremely helpful. According to my preception, we can’t judge anybody just like that or just by meeting once or twice. We need to deal with some hard situations to know if someone is selfish or not. Moreover there are many persons who are not intelligent but selfish. So it depends upon person’s nature not on intelligency.
Intelligent people

  • Do you think intelligent people are helpful?
Well,  as I said it completely depends upon a person’s nature that whether he/she wanna help someone or not. But yes, I know many intelligent people who help others in a smart way. Like if they are not capable to help them with money. They give them free education by teaching them.

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