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Describe a daily routine that you enjoy.

Topic: Describe a daily routine that you enjoy.

Possible answer:

Describe something that you did with someone or a group of people.
Describe something that you did with someone or group of people

I'm someone who appreciates simple pleasures in life, so there are many daily routines that I enjoy doing. One of them is having a morning coffee and reading time.

This routine involves waking up early in the morning, usually around 6 or 7 am, and making myself a cup of coffee. I prefer to use a French press and grind fresh coffee beans for a richer taste. I usually drink my coffee black, without sugar or creamer, as I like the natural bitterness and aroma of the coffee. Then, I take my coffee to a cozy spot in my house, which is a comfortable armchair near a window. I lturn on a small lamp and grab a book or a magazine that I'm currently reading or want to explore.

I do this routine almost every day, except when I have to rush somewhere or when I oversleep. I usually do it alone, as I find this time very peaceful and reflective. However, sometimes my partner or family members join me, and we share our thoughts or read silently together.

I enjoy this routine for several reasons. Firstly, it sets a positive tone for my day. Drinking coffee and reading are two things that I genuinely enjoy, and doing them in the morning gives me a sense of calm and motivation for the day ahead. Secondly, it allows me to disconnect from screens and distractions and focus on something tactile and intellectual. Reading also exposes me to new ideas and perspectives, which I find enriching. Lastly, it's a simple pleasure that I can do regardless of my schedule or location. Whether I'm at home, traveling, or staying at a hotel, I can always enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.

Overall, having a morning coffee and reading time is a daily routine that I cherish and look forward to. It's a small ritual that brings me joy and meaning, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add some calmness and mindfulness to their mornings.

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