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English phrases |but| because |dare|modals

English phrases |but| because |dare|modals

but : A coordinating conjunction used to link together: •two words Example: tired but happy •two phrases Example: nice to look at but difficult to describe •two clauses Example: It's a very simple ceremony but it's really touching. _____ because A subordinating conjunction introducing adverbial clauses of reason: Example: The scheme was made possible because the company relocated staff from its Leeds offices to Keighley recently. With the addition of 'of’, it can also be used to introduce phrases expressing reason: Example: Because of his religious faith, He has had a direct experience with discrimination. _______ dare A verb that can be used as a normal verb and also as a modal auxiliary verb. For this reason it is sometimes described as a “semi-modal” verb. As a normal verb it is followed by the infinitive form of the verb. Example: •He dared to criticize the leader outright. As a modal auxiliary verb it is followed by the verb stem. Example: •But I dare say you like apples. It can also stand alone in expressions such as : •Don't you dare!   

English phrases |but| because |dare|modals

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