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Hello guys! Today we will learn some important vocabulary words for task-1 .These will really help you to score good band in the task. So let's start now: There are words and phrases which help to describe trends.

NOUNS AND VERBS: An increase, a boom, a growth, a rise, a surge, to go up, to double, to reach, at peak, to grow, to climb, to sky rocket. To decrease, to fall, to decline, to dip, to drop, to reduce, a slump, to plunge No change, steady, constant, remain stable, to hold, maintain same level, to level off. A fluctuation- to fluctuate, a variation- to vary A plateau, a period of stability. PHRASES: To hit the highest point, to hit the lowest point, to show an upward trend, to show a downward trend, to reach a peak, to show some fluctuation, to fluctuate widely, to remain stable, to remain static, to remain constant, to remain unchanged, to stay constant, to level off, to reach a plateau, to flatten out, the highest, the lowest, the second highest, the fourth highest,compared to, relative to, compared with. ADJECTIVES: Sharp, sudden, rapid, abrupt, dramatic, steep, significant, slight, moderate, considerable, marked, slight, gentle, gradual, enormous, substantial, moderate, slow, swift, minimal. ADVERBS: Sharply, rapidly, suddenly, significantly, dramatically, abruptly, slightly, gently, considerably, markedly, wildly, enormously, moderately, substantially, slowly, minimally, swiftly. TIME EXPRESSION: For the period, since 2010, for ten years, in 2015, between 2002-2012. CONTRAST: However, otherwise, on the other hand, despite, in spite of, though, although, but, otherwise, yet, instead of, rather, whereas, nonetheless, even though, compared with, alternatively. SEQUENCE: In addition to, later, to begin with, similarly, likewise, besides, furthermore, also, too, firstly, initially, later, after this/that, following this/that. CONCLUSION: In a nutshell, in conclusion, to recapitulate, the overall view. CONNECTING WORDS: Also, although, recently, as a consequence of, despite, as well as, final, in case of, now, furthermore, therefore, however, in case of, similarly, subsequently, such as, then, while, when, moreover, simultaneously, and, in addition to.

There are also some other useful language words which will help you:

To reduce size of the group: A few, some, many, most, a little, some, much.

To reduce number of times something occurs: Sometimes, frequently, often, occasionally.

To express doubts: Seems to, appear to, seems that, appears that.

To express the idea of likelihood rather than certainty: It is likely that...

It is probable that...

To say something is possible: May, might, can, could, perhaps, may be, possibly, probably.

you can check our other articles for task 1 from this link table, line graph, pie charts, diagram. I hope this article will surely help you to do well in your writing task.

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