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Body language matters a lot in speaking

Hello guys! Today we will talk about our body language when we are giving speaking to someone or when we are communicating.

To have high scores in speaking you must know these things.You should know how an interviewer judge you that you are confident or not!

Here I am giving some positive and negative gestures.I am really sure that some of you surely followed some negative gestures while speaking if you are also one of them then you really need to avoid these things.

And if you already know these things then you probably are a good speaker.

POSITIVE GESTURES:- Well guys! positive gestures are the body signals which make us look more relaxed,  confident and polite.

Positive listening gestures include:-

  • Leaning a little towards the speaker.

  • Tilting the head 

  • Eye contact with the speaker

  • Gently nodding the hand in agreement.

Good speaking Gestures include:

  • Keeping the hands open

  • Avoiding clutching them or folding them across the chest.

  • Walking the head upright, hands swinging freely by the sides

NEGATIVE GESTURES: Negative gestures include body movements which give a negative impression about us.You should avoid these things if you are also doing it-

Sign of Nervousness:

  • Hands in the pocket

  • Covering the mouth with the hand while speaking

  • Scratching

  • Biting nails

  • Glancing sideways

  • Drumming fingers

  • Tapping the feet

  • Wringing hands

  • Crossed arms or legs

  • Setting the hair with hands

  • Sitting on the edge of the chair

  • Speaking too fast or too slow

  • Straightening the tie

  • Clearing the throat too often

  • Blinking the eyes a lot

  • Clicking the pen

  • Playing with the paper weight

  • Adjusting the glasses up the nose

  • Head,Body Shape and Posture 

Head: In any face-to-face communication or meeting or interview ,we should hold our head high as it is a sign of honor ,self respect,confidence,integrity and interest in the person before us.

Body shape: There are three types of body shapes 

Ectomorph: Thin youthful and tall

Mesomorph:Strong,athletic,muscular and bony.

Endomorph: Fat round and soft.

We cannot do much about the shape of our body ,but we can no doubt put it in effective use.We do become self-conscious while appearing for an interview or making a presentation.We just try to make the best possible impression that time.

Posture: When you lean forward to the persons to whom you are speaking with,you demonstrate interest in that person.Sitting back ,on the other hand may communicate lack of interest.

Guys! interviewer judge these gestures because it can tell much about how effectively the person will perform in an organization.

So I hope this article surely help some of you and you will notice these things from your next speaking and will avoid negative gestures!

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