WELL! we all know collecting vocab means collecting words!!


  • Contextual meaning of words

  • Synonyms,Antonyms and Homonyms,

  • Words as a Different parts of speech,

  • Formation of words( compound words,suffixes,prefixes)

CONTEXTUAL MEANING OF WORDS means we should know how to use one single word at different places with different meanings.let me clarify with example:

we will use a word "run" with different meaning at different places:

  1. He can run very fast and win the prize.(race)

  2. Don't you think that the film will run at least for 6 weeks? (continue)

  3. Suman runs from one table to another to finish her work on time.(hurries)

  4. It is strange that Mr. Sahay is able to run two business effortlessly.(manager)

  5. Our school will run spoken English classes during the summer vacation.(provide)

  6. Trains often run late in winter.(travel)

  7. I can't run on my small salary.(afford)

  8. When she peels onions,tears run down her cheeks.(flow)

so guys! i hope you understand contextual meaning of words.Now moving on!


SYNONYMS:- Similar words

ANTONYMS:-Opposite words

HOMONYMS:-Words whose pronunciation is same but meaning and spellings are different (e.g. HEAL and HEEL)


Here we will use one word in different forms such as noun,verb,adjective and adverb.

So here is a word "BETTER".

ADJECTIVE:- This book is better than that.

ADVERB:- He fared better in the test than he had hoped.

VERB:- We hope to better the conditions of our workers.

NOUN:- Follow your betters.


Well!guys some words are like ,that we can transfer them to different forms by doing some modification.


NOUN :- Action

VERB :- Act


ADVERB:- Actively

a)COMPOUND WORDS:- When we use two word to make one word.(e.g. book+shop=bookshop)

b)PREFIX:- e.g EX , that can be used as Ex-principal,Ex-inspector.

c)SUFFIX:-e.g. "tion" that can be used as addition,collection.

i hope guys you now know what is vocab and how you should collect words with smartness.but only vocab is not enough to score 9 BAND. Use idioms and phrase in your writing and speaking,this will increase your one band...

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