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Cue card :- interesting English lesson by someone that you enjoyed !!

I am going to talk about an interesting English literacy lesson that I attended at university when I was 20 years old. Although the teacher is not a native speaker, he was able to influence me and my peers to learn English properly. The reason is , he studied English language not just for profession but it is one of his hobbies, he tries sometimes to experience his talent with us. The first lesson catered by this teacher impressed me and motivated me to study harder . The teacher implemented a new technique in his delivery of the English language. in order to Keeping and memorising words according to our ability it is essential to keep songs authorised by him, by our hearts As he is a very good singer and Oregon player , he authored pieces of songs with the vocabulary and phrases that he wants us to learn . we sang the song while he was playing with his Oregon. All the words I learnt with this teacher are still in my memory and I can memorise some of them very easy. Although the first lesson was something strange, we laugh a lot and we considered it as an amusement class, the subsequent lessons were not as cheerful as 1st lesson was. The reason was it is essential to memorise 2 new songs in every class. 

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